Immersive Programs

Deeply restorative, immersive programs are also carefully crafted learning opportunities that combine guided sensory experiences in nature with small group workshops.

Deeply restorative, immersive programs are also carefully crafted learning opportunities that combine guided sensory experiences in nature with informal, small group workshops that empower us with a wellness practice that is enjoyable and easy to use regardless of where we live.


Immersive programs are designed to give you the experiences, the knowledge and the skills you will need to develop your own personal nature sensory practice so you can feel better mentally and physically, in a lasting and ongoing way. They are deeply restorative, as well as rich learning environments.

“It is only through our senses that we experience what it means to be fully human.”
Laura Sewall

Sight and Sensibility

“Self-care is key to survival and its practices give everyone the strength to heal and succeed in life, whether at work, as a family member or as a social activist.”
Andre Lorde

Woman Immersed in Adirondack Forest Bathing

Immersive programs are deeply healing. Small groups allow us to create a sense of community so we feel comfortable sharing who we are with each other. We are a part of nature. Experiencing ourselves as interwoven with all living beings is another benefit of these programs.

An immersion also provides time for reflection and insights into our relationship with nature. When we appreciate more fully the infinite gifts of nature, we open the door to a more reciprocal relationship, one of deep caring and tending for Earth, our home.

Our day and weekend programs are led with care and thoughtfulness. We bring decades of experience as wellness facilitators and educators into our programs, making everyone feel welcome and valued.

Each program is unique and tailored to the objectives or theme, the participants, available time and setting as well as to what nature has to offer at that season, time and location.

Natural items arranged during immersive Adirondack forest bathing
Group of employees sharing nature find during Adirondack Riverwalking
Some immersive programs are offered at partner sites such as Great Camp Sagamore, Saranac River Ranch and Adirondack Homeward Bound. Find a listing on our events page or contact us for our latest schedule. We can also craft an immersive program for one day, a weekend or more for your group, at your site or a different location.

Employee wellness programs empower your team with self-care skills for the workplace and for home, while building greater cohesion and team spirit among them. Programs combine an introductory experiential session with shorter skill development and review sessions.


“Opening my senses landed me in my body, which quieted my mind without any effort.”


“Forest Bathing helps me connect with nature and with myself, and the living community that I am a part of.”


“My new found deep sense of belonging in nature and the closeness that developed within the group made this weekend experience exceptional. Helene brought attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and intentionality to everything she introduced.”


How We Work

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2. Proposal

We provide you with a proposal, with options to address your vision

3. Confirm

Confirmation with all the details, and support you need for a successful program